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Here are the top ten articles for the Judaism Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. A Sacred Duty - A Review
A review of the film - A Sacred Duty - as shown on the the Jewish Vegetarians of North America website. This documentary addresses global warming from a Jewish perspective.

2. God Is A Verb - A Book Review
Rabbi David Cooper's God Is A Verb is a great step into Jewish mysticism.

3. Engaging Children and Teens in Jewish Learning
Jewish learning is a life long process, and I have some ideas on how to engage your children and teenagers.

4. Shabbat - Blessing Over the Wine
Kiddush is a crucial element of the Sabbath meals. How does a simple prayer elevate a meal and a day to a place of holiness?

5. The Traveler's Prayer - Tefilat HaDerech
The Traveler's Prayer is recited during any journey that is approximately three miles or more.

6. To Keep and Remember Shabbat
The Fourth Commandment refers to the observance of Shabbat. In one place in the Torah, we are told to "keep" Shabbat, and in another, we are told "to remember" Shabbat. So, which is it? To keep or to remember?

7. Texts of Judaism
Diving into Judaism can feel overwhelming. There are so many texts that are central to Jewish study. Here is a rundown of a few you will want to be familiar with.

8. Summer Learning for Jewish Youth
When the religious school year is over, our children can continue on with their Jewish learning. The Learning Shuk's summer learning playlist makes it easy.

9. Jewish Contributions to the World
Here are just a handful of the amazing contributions Jewish people have made to the world.

10. The Triumph of Deborah - A Book Review
Author Eva Etzioni-Halevy throws life, drama and details into the story of Deborah, Judge and prophetess. I hope this book review convinces you to read her book!

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